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Captain Marvel (2019)::rating::3.5::rating::3.5

Captain Marvel takes us all the way back to the glorious 90s, when the internet came screaming through rickety modems and Pepsi was available as a clear liquid. Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) has been living with and fighting for the Kree, an advanced alien race. When she crashes on Earth during the time of Alanis Morissette, Danvers begins to suspect that she’s actually a human with a complex backstory. Thankfully, young Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) is there to guide her toward the answers. Big, ambitious story introduces powerful new hero into the MCU, while also setting up their next phase of movies. Most of it works really well, even if the filmmakers lay the girl-power theme on a bit thick. (And I’m 100% for the message, just not the overkill of it.) On the plus side: Larson makes for a fierce and funny lead, thus continuing Marvel’s streak of perfect casting. This is a solid intro, even if it just points to better movies ahead. 123 min. PG-13. Disney+

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