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Free Guy (2021)::rating::3

Let me start this review with the sting of brutal truth: Just about any movie that has anything to do with video games makes me want to bash myself in the head with a 7 iron. For every entry that distinguishes itself as tolerable (Ready Player One, for instance), there are ten, twelve--no,…

Val (2021)::rating::3.5

Val Kilmer exists as a walking, talking testament to how destructive a bad reputation can be.  If you generate enough gossip or piss off the wrong people, that hearsay will metastasize in all directions, laying waste to your personal and professional life in the process.  No doubt Kilmer is a talented and meticulous performer, but…

Reminiscence (2021)::rating::2.5

Joy also delivers some truly remarkable visuals that pop up like small pockets of self-contained brilliance.  At the same time, Reminiscence is one of those confounding movies that will only make you want to stream better ones.  

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