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Being the Ricardos (2021)::rating::4

F ew TV stars, past or present, could breathe the same rarified air as Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz.  As a power couple, they dominated the Nielsen ratings throughout the 50s, often commanding an audience of over 60 million.  At the same time, Aaron Sorkin's wonderful Being the Ricardos also shows the great and terrible burden…

Don’t Look Up (2021)::rating::3

S ome satires are so precise in their humor, they feel like a ninja catching a gnat with chopsticks.  On the other hand, the jokes in Don't Look Up are about as subtle as a slobbering ogre chasing frightened peasants with an unhinged barn door.  Every gag in this film essentially pounds on the same theme:…

Free Guy (2021)::rating::3

Let me start this review with the sting of brutal truth: Just about any movie that has anything to do with video games makes me want to bash myself in the head with a 7 iron. For every entry that distinguishes itself as tolerable (Ready Player One, for instance), there are ten, twelve--no,…

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