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The Godfather (1972)::rating::5

M odern cinema simply could not exist as it is without The Godfather.  Francis Coppola's masterpiece redefined the width and depth that movies could explore, and inspired a million imitations and homages along the way.  No film has ever distilled disparate elements so well:  Arthouse ambition melds with pure popcorn entertainment.  Nouvelle Vague flourishes flow through the dimensions…

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The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)::rating::4

I n The Nightmare Before Christmas, producer Tim Burton and director Henry Selick deliver an amiably grimy little world, perfectly content with its own gurgling, soot-stained aesthetic.  The monstrous characters smile and sing to one another, as if they’re goth outcasts from a bigger, shinier Disney production.  All this adds up to a Christmas movie for the weirdo…

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