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Iron Man 2 (2010)::rating::2.5::rating::2.5

Weak sauce sequel tries and fails to replicate the recipe of the original: Tony Stark (RDJ) is a known quantity as Iron Man, which turns out to be more blessing than curse. Crazy Russian scientist (Mickey Rourke, deploying John Malkovich’s accent from Rounders) turns up for revenge. The Feds turn up for Tony’s suit. Meanwhile, Tony just gets turnt. Surprisingly flat entry feels like a placeholder till the other Avengers arrive. It does, however, get two things right: Don Cheadle adds a nice touch of humor as the new War Machine, while Scarlett Johansson nearly steals the movie, playing Black Widow. Otherwise, this is one you just have to check off the list. 124 min. PG-13. Disney+

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