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Cinemavino — Episode 13: The King We All Deserve::rating::0::rating::0

Our discussion this week involves what cast and crew we’d love to hang with behind the scenes.  Put another way, who would we want to have a beer (or two) with?  Now that I think about it, I’d like to change my answer to Babe.  I think that little hog and I would just laugh and laugh.

Anyway, we switch from wine to beer for this episode, and both of our samplings were quite nice.

First, we tried the Imperial IPA from New Belgium.  It’s as big and hoppy as you might imagine.  And at 9% alcohol, it’s just what the doctor ordered for us slowly stop making sense.

Next, we took on another burly ale, this time from Lagunitas.  The Super Cluster is grassy and heavy on the citrus.  It ain’t for everybody, but it was definitely for us.

Anyway, close your eyes, relax, and get swept away by the gentle magic of Cinemavino…

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