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Cinemavino — Season 2, Episode 4: Trio!::rating::0::rating::0

A little backstory on the episode title:  Before we officially started rolling, Travis, Tay, and I engaged in a heart-melting rendition of “I Don’t Know Much (But I Know I Love You).”  It got us thinking that our true calling may lie as a barbershop trio.  Our names start with “T,” so we decided to call ourselves Trío, but roll that ‘r’ big time.  Personally, I’m a fan of “The T Sharps”, but whatever.

Anyway, for this week’s Cinemavino, we screen a polarizing horror movie:  Midsommar.  When I saw it in theaters, I found it to be too off-putting to actually enjoy.  It grew on me a little this time around, but I’m still not quite ready to recommend it.  

This will also be our first full-blown video pod.  A video link will be coming soon! 

Also, my original review of the film is right here:

Midsommar (2019)

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