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Cinemavino — Episode 57: Die Hard-ly::rating::0::rating::0

Die Hard isn’t just a Christmas movie, it’s the Christmas movie.  It’s also the 80s action movie.  And beyond the nostalgia factor, Die Hard holds up pretty damn well.  The sequels tail off as you go along, but even the best among them only remind us of the incredible original.

For this episode of Cinemavino, Sean Jordan joins us to watch and discuss Die Hard.  We drink a little German Riesling in honor of Hans Gruber, and take a shot of Jaegermeister.  Blech.  For the opening of the Todd-cast, we break down Chapter Six of The Mandalorian.  That brief talk might contain a few spoilers, so if you wanna dodge those, jump to around the 11:00 mark.

Enjoy another episode of Cinemavino!  

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