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Cinemavino — Episode 71: Solomavino, Part 2::rating::0::rating::0

Hello!  I hope everyone is staying home and staying healthy!  It’s just like your mother told you:  There’s nothing more important than your health.  Now that’s out of the way…on this week’s Cinemavino, it’s another solo broadcast.  Hey–we’re nothing if not shining examples for everyone out there.  If we’re such a big deal–a believe me, we are–and we can stay home, so can e’rrybody else.  

So, it’s just me.  I’ll lay out a few movies from the last couple years you may have missed.  This is a great time to catch up on  few underrated movies, hopefully y’all enjoy these.

Next week, we plan on podd’n straight from our iPhones.  And we’ll get real boozy and goofy for ya.  Stay tuned!

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