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Cinemavino — Episode 50: Squad Goals::rating::0::rating::0

For this week’s Cinemavino, we go back to a Halloween cult classic:  Monster Squad.  It has all the monsters, all the cheesy one-liners, and more than a few slurs that serve as a reminder of its time.  This is a very special episode, because we’re bringing in a friend!  Sean Jordan, an expert on horror movies, stops by for a chat about this movie, and to share his watchlist for Halloween!  If you’re a fan of the genre, this one is a must-listen.

We paired this discussion with In Sheep’s Clothing, a Washington Cabernet from the Columbia Valley.  To learn a little more, click here.  It’s a great wine, and the badass label doesn’t hurt, either.

Also, we supplemented this with Imagery Pinot Noir–courtesy of our good buddy Kevin–and Azul y Garanza, a nice Spanish Tempranillo that comes in a handy liter size!

So, join the Squad for a little Cinemavino!

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