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Cinemavino — Episode 32: Whatever It Is, It Ain’t Local::rating::0::rating::0

Movie one-liners come on all shapes and sizes, and with widely varying degrees of quality.  Some of them, like “Hasta la vista, baby,” have become embedded in pop culture.  Many others are howlingly bad.  Either way, where would the movies be without tidy, clever bits of dialogue that stick in our collective imagination?

This week, we talk about our favor one-liners, whether they’re cornball, obscure, or all the above.  We also drink some delicious Charbono from the Robert Foley Winery.  You can learn more by clicking here.  This episode gets more than a little raunchy at the end, so listener discretion is especially advised.

Now, kick back and enjoy another episode of Cinemavino.

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