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Cinemavino — Episode 24: Not Today::rating::0::rating::0

Fair warning:  You’ve entered the realm of spoilers.  Proceed with caution.  

The biggest Game of Thrones battle has officially come and gone, and the reactions to it have been unsurprisingly polarized.  With all the adoration obsession this show has provoked, there was absolutely no way the writers could please everyone and keep the story unpredictable.  My reaction:  This was one of the best installments of the entire series.  The seeds for Arya’s heroism were planted long ago, and when they bloom in this episode, it’s absolutely brilliant.

For this third episode in our Game of Thrones series, we break down “The Long Night,” and talk about where the show could go to wrap up its storylines.  We also enjoy some dessert wine, The Parting Glass, a Riesling from Owen Roe Winery.  It’s a sweet, honey-rich white wine that could pair with a piece of cake, or just all by its lonesome.  With all the characters who departed with this episode, the name of this particular bottle seemed fitting.

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