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Cinemavino — Episode 22: Not Enough Brienne in Your Diet::rating::0::rating::0

SPOILERS ABOUND.  If you haven’t seen the latest episode of Game of Thrones, stop, drop, and roll on over to HBO and get crackin’….

[su_dropcap size=”5″]T[/su_dropcap]his week, we take a look at Season 8’s second episode of Game of Thrones.  With everybody cloistered at Winterfell, this will be as close as G0T gets to a “bottle episode.”  For those unfamiliar with television vernacular, bottle episodes are a cost-saving measure, so that producers can allot more $$$ to future installments.  These cheapie productions pose a challenge to the writers, and can result in some of the best episodes of a series.  Think about the Friends episode where the gang plays trivia for their two apartments.  While this isn’t a landmark Thrones outing, it is a fun examination on how the characters attempt to quell the unbearable tension of the coming battle.  Some seek forgiveness, others go for a quickie in the Winterfell forge, but just about everybody is trying to get carnage off their minds.  One thing’s for sure:  A slurping, randy Tormund Giantsbane (Kristofer Hivju) steals all of his scenes.  It’s also great to see Brienne of Tarth finally get her full due as a badass Knight.

Also, we pound some delicious Spanish wine.  Much of the show is shot in Spain, so it just seemed appropriate.

Orin Swift has long-produced a lineup of wines based on different locations, and the famous grapes associated with that particular country.  Their “E” is a Tempranillo:  Bold-bodied, and ripe with fruit.  The Lechuza is a velvety-smooth Garnacha, with hints of earthiness and mouth-filling oaky notes.

If you haven’t yet, make sure and hit up our recap of Episode 1:

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