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Cinemavino — Episode 29: Mitch Scōggins::rating::0::rating::0

When true inspiration hits, it can feel like harnessing the power of the sun.  Such was the case roughly six weeks ago, when your favorite trio of podcasters spontaneously created the character of Mitch Scōggins.  (It rhymes with SNOW-gins.)  Mitch is a bookish high school student with a knack for solving crimes in and around his high school.  Think of the Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew-type mysteries.  In a perfect world, Mitch Scōggins paperback books would available by the dozen at middle school book fairs.

For this episode, the boys and I drink some delicious wine and discuss our favorite movies about graduation and the end of school.  Taylor and Travis arrived fresh from a wine tasting, and they were…what’s the word?  Schnockered.  This episode descends into sheer gibberish, which I think is part of its charm.  When Travis brings up Mitch Scōggins at the end, Taylor and I laugh for the rest of the episode and about ten minutes after.

So kick back, and enjoy some Cinemavino.  Also, if you enjoy our special brand of nonsense, be sure and head over to Apple Podcasts and give us a good rating!  We’ll love you forever.

PS.  For your personal reference, when Tay talks about the WB frog:

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