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Iron Man 2 (2010)::rating::2.5

  Aggressively middling sequel goes through the motions to such a degree that even Downey Jr. can’t save it.  Miscast Mickey Rourke shoplifts Malkovich’s moose-and-squirrel accent from Rounders.  And somebody somewhere…

Iron Man (2008)::rating::3.5

For all the world-building and king-making done here, Marvel’s Mayflower voyage into cinematic domination is really just a pretty good movie.  And much of that is due to the strength…

Good Ol’ Freda (2013)::rating::3.5

Rock history is replete with well-intentioned superstars who chose to people their inner circle with blood-sucking sycophants.  Elvis had his Memphis Mafia, a nasty little cadre of shitkickers who strip-mined Presley’s…

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