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Roma (2018)::rating::5

In Roma, Alfonso Cuarón's camera often pans languidly across a scene, like a mind wandering into its own corners.  Cuarón's vivid recollections of childhood rise like a slow swell of water,…

Eighth Grade (2018)::rating::4.5

Between the age of twelve and eventual adulthood lies a gaping, treacherous chasm, filled with the wilderness of puberty. Hormones rage, bullies reign, and our once-beloved parents become pariahs. Not…

Overlord (2018)::rating::3.5

A strange cinematic bisque, Overlord so effectively stirs genuinely jarring horror elements into a gripping war movie until it's impossible to distinguish the ingredients in the pot.  It somehow combines tropes that have survived throughout decades of movies and books and video games into something new and...can you use the word "refreshing" about a movie that features so many Nazi entrails?  To hell with it--I'm using it, anyway.  Overlord is ballsy, well-made, and--if you're not terribly squeamish--a damn good time.

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