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Die Hard 2 (Cinemavino)::rating::3::rating::3

The debate about whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie should be deader than disco.  It is, and it always has been.  If anything, this Bruce Willis classic is a delightful piece of counter-programming to the sticky fluff we have to deal with this time of year.  34th Street can keep its miracles, and Jimmy Stewart can live his wonderful life somewhere else.  Give me John McClane squishing Euro-villains with vague accents any day of the week.

That argument goes ditto for Die Hard 2: Die Harder.  Yes, the poster actually says Die Harder.  Our favorite movie cop finds himself “up to his ass in terrorists, again.”  And on Christmas Day, no less!  This time, it’s at an airport, where a bunch of bad guys threaten to crash a whole lotta airliners.  While this movie ain’t quite as much fun as the original, it’s still a fairly enjoyable affair.

We hope you enjoy this episode of Cinemavino as much as we enjoyed recording it!  Next, tune in for our analysis of Spider-Man: No Way Home!

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