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Cinemavino – Episode 2 “One Small Step for Bland”::rating::0::rating::0

This week, Travis and I drink a little red wine and talk about “First Man,” and the Star Wars franchise.  Our wine this week is a blend from Bonny Doon Vineyards called Cigare Volante.  It’s an American wine inspired by the reds of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, in France.  Wines from this area in the Rhone region are consistently ranked amongst the highest in the world.  The Cigare Volante is their American cousin, and it’s a worthy addition to the family.  Travis likes to invoke the phrase, “versatile as beans.”  I don’t know if he means the musical fruit or the character from Even Stevens, but either way, this wine is pretty fuckin’ versatile.  As Beans.

  • Also, you’ll note that Episode 2 now has a theme song.  I literally picked up an acoustic guitar and played the first four chords I could think of.  It’s too bad there wasn’t a dude in a toga to come smash my guitar against a wall.  Also also, we’re hoping Steve, our one and only follower, is recovering from the mumps.

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