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For this week’s Cinemavino, Sean and I continue our look at Peter Jackson’s mammoth documentary, The Beatles: Get Back.  Jackson did an outstanding job of ironing 160 hours of raw footage into three coherent acts.  Not surprisingly, part II takes the Beatles into some of their darkest depths, as they try to bring George Harrison back into the fold.

This episode also finds the group moving to the cozier environs at Apple Studios.  They also gain an unofficial fifth member, in the form of keyboardist Billy Preston.  His presence boosts the energy and morale of the group.  For the first time, the Beatles seem full of life.

The final episode captures an iconic moment in music history:  For their final live performance, the Beatles play a brief gig on the rooftop of their recording studios.  Over the course of 34 minutes, the band forgets their  personal and professional troubles and rediscovers their joy of playing music.  It’s an amazing, uplifting thing to witness.

Overall, Jackson’s series is a landmark achievement in music history, and it has to be seen by Beatle fans and anyone else who enjoys going behind the scenes in historical moments.

To read my full written review, click here!

Now, enjoy another fine episode of Cinemavino!


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