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The Beatles are my all-time favorite band, and I’ve spent my life as a walking encyclopedia of their music and history.  Like millions of fans, their music has changed my life.  Long story short:  This isn’t just another podcast for me.

I’ve been pumped for Peter Jackson’s documentary since I saw his work on They Shall Not Grow Old.  In that film, Jackson and his effects team restored rickety WW1 footage into full HD.  The result looks so good, it’s easy to forget what we’re seeing is over 100 years old.  Once I heard that Jackson was applying this wizardry to the Beatles’ footage, I couldn’t wait.

As a superfan, that wait was absolutely worth it.  This is a glorious, fascinating look at the biggest band of all time, as they take turns being burned-out, inspired, crestfallen, and jubilant.  My full review of the series will debut tomorrow, but I’ll sum it up like this:  If you love the Beatles, the documentary will overload you with information.  My brain is still processing it all.

For tonight’s episode, we take a look at the first episode, which covers the first tumultuous week of the Get Back sessions.  This is a lively, one-hour discussion, and it’s one of our best.

For le vino, I picked two wines that match the poetry of this series.  The Conclusion Pinot Noir from Sonoma County is a light-to-medium red–perfect if your holiday meal has a little more oomph.  Also, as this documentary marks the beginning of the end for the Beatles, the name seemed appropriate.  That goes ditto for Francis Coppola’s Director’s Cut Pinot Noir, which is a little and brighter by nature.  With Get Back, Peter Jackson gives us the definitive cut of the Beatles’ final year together.

Now, kick back, get back, and enjoy another fine episode of Cinemavino.


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