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As part of our continuing look back at the best and blurst of movie sequels, this week takes us to Escape from L.A. Legendary horror maestro John Carpenter and all-around badass Kurt Russell re-team for this follow up to the 80s cult chestnut Escape from New York. That first film had action, imagination, and all-around weirdness going for it. Frankly, so does this one, and that’s both a compliment and an insult. Basically, L.A. feels a lot like a West Coast take on the earlier flick. Brace yourselves for a lotta jokes about plastic surgery, surfing, and general Hollywood phoniness.

If you want to get drunk on some more of my beautiful words, check out my written review right here. Alternatively, if you want get drunk on something tangible, but no less wonderful, check out our wine of the week:

First off, I didn’t just choose this wine because it has a snake on the label and main character in Escape from L.A. is named Snake. Put that thought right outta your pretty little heads. (Although…that is a pretty cool label.)

This Merlot from the Fableist is a big, full-bodied bomb of deep earthy notes and rich, dry fruit. If you’re looking for something to pair with a fat steak, give this one a go. (It generally retails for less than $20, so that’s also a big plus.) Fun fact, each wine from the Fableist winery draws inspiration from one of Aesop’s Fables. That number at the top right signifies which specific one. In this case, number 395 is titled “The Serpent and the Eagle.”

On a related note, it’s a snake–just like Snake Plissken! Yay! Anyway, if you want to learn more, just put your mouse right here.

A few spoilers may be found within our pod-pod, as always. Also, enjoy!

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