Cinemavino — Episode 70: Mops for Sale

We hype this as Episode 69, and…well, we were drunk.  This is Episode 70 of Cinemavino.  Today, we return to an old format:  The boys and I screen Three Men and a Baby, an 80s staple that doesn’t age too well.  It’s cornball, politically incorrect, and–as a brand new father–factually inaccurate.  But, like most movies, it improves with a few glasses of wine.  

Next week, we’re going to work on video/Youtube content to add to your podcasting experience.  So, look out for a mini-episode where we tinker a bit.  After that, you can watch our scintillating commentary while we screen your favorite movies!

Kick back and enjoy another episode of our podcast!


Author: Todd Wofford

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