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Cinemavino — Episode 46: A Hare’s Nightmare::rating::0::rating::0

For good behavior, my fifth grade class was awarded with a monthly movie.  Somewhere in there, Watership Down made the cut.  It’s a weird, whacked-out animated film that crawled into my nightmares for several weeks after.  As a…ahem..children’s movie, this sum’bitch tackles some heavy subjects:  Death, forced labor, extinction, deforestation, etc.  Bunnies are ripping each other’s throats out, people!  My wife and I have a son on the way, and he will NOT be watching this movie.  At least ’till he’s thirty, anyway.

So, yeah, the boys and I booze it up and watch Watership Down.  Discussion follows.  And probably therapy after that.  We drink a little bubbly, rose, and Scotch for my upcoming ebook, which will pair wine (and a little whiskey) with movies.  To learn more about what we drink, follow these links:

Raventós i Blanc

Also, the rosé….

And the Scotch: 

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