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Cinemavino — Episode 44: Los Amigos Barrachos::rating::0::rating::0

For this week’s Cinemavino, we settle back into our routine:  Draw a movie, drink, and screen it.  This episode, the 80s classic Three Amigos is the lucky film.  I watched it a thousand times as a kid, but it’s been years.  Movies like that often feel like a familiar, favorite blanket, and this one was no different.

In keeping with the movie’s Mexican setting, the boys and I down a few Mexican beers and take too many shots of Cimarron tequila.  If we sound goofy by the end, that’s why.  This one was too much fun.  Enjoy!

  • One correction:  I mention that Amigos was considered by Steven Spielberg at one point, with Martin, Dan Ackroyd, and John Belushi.  We’ll blame the reposado:  Martin, Bill Murray, and Robin Williams are the most commonly cited stars Spielberg had in mind.

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