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Cinemavino — Episode 27: The Sound of Sirens::rating::0::rating::0

Spoilers abound!!! Proceed with caution!!!

[su_dropcap size=”5″]W[/su_dropcap]hen spring blooms in Oklahoma, it often comes in the form of demolishing tornadoes.  These swirling fingers of destruction happen with such regularity that most lifelong residents greet them with a casual fascination.  Midway through our latest podcast, the city sirens wailed that Tulsa was under a tornado warning.  What did we do once we heard this apocalyptic sound?  We kept right on podcasting, of course!  I know it sounds weird, but you live here long enough, you just get used to ’em.

On to business:  For this episode, we break down our mixed emotions about the Game of Thrones finale, “The Iron Throne.”  We also down some delicious red wine, all while tornado sirens howl in the distance.

We’re featuring two wines for this chat.  The Hess Select Cab features a logo that’s very similar to a Lannister lion.  Cersei and Jaime have truly gone bye-bye, so this bold, oaky, smoky red seemed like a fitting choice.   Also, the Pinot Noir from Innocent Bystander is an excellent, satin-smooth burst of cherries and berries.  The episode opens with Tyrion glumly bisecting a street of stacked, smoldering bodies, and much of this narrative centers on the anger of Dany’s slaughtering of innocents.

We hope you enjoy tonight’s Cinemavino, and stay tuned for much more to come!  Also, be sure and check out Taylor Owens’ new Instagram page @taydoesvino, for plenty of wine and movie-related content!

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