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Cinemavino — Episode 18: Vivian vs. Vivian::rating::0::rating::0

[su_dropcap]T[/su_dropcap]he notion of different actors passing along a character like a relay baton dates at least as far back as the Greek amphitheaters.  (I really, really really wanna start a review with, “Since the dawn of man…”  I haven’t kicked off an essay that awkwardly since middle school, and I want…no–I need to.) Hamlet, Scrooge, Sherlock Holmes, Becky from Roseanne, all these iconic characters have been subject to multiple interpretations and debate over who played them best rages like a frothy river.

For this episode, we discuss different takes on the same role.  And why some roles (Indiana Jones is a prime example) aren’t getting recast.  We pair this discussion with Pinot Noirs from two different regions:  The A to Z winery in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, and a California offering that we didn’t care for and will decline to identify.

To learn a little more about A to Z wines, click here.

Now, pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy a little Cinemavino!

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