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Cinemavino, Episode 15 – Field of Screams::rating::0::rating::0

Now, when it comes to the indulging of alcohol, I ain’t no advocate of being reckless.  That said, the internet is a wide world of hypotheticals, so we’ll deal in that for a second.  If a person were a grown-ass adult, they could play a decent drinking game out of our silly little podcast.  In this pretend scenario, the rules would go something like:

Every time one of the gang offers an “RIP” to a celebrity, drink.

If that celebrity is not actually dead, drink twice.  (Past examples include Bill Pullman, Martin Sheen, and Theon Greyjoy…that last of whom is a fictitious character.)

Every time either Taylor or Travis says “woof.”  Every time they indicate a celebrity needs “a breath mint,” or “needs to go home.”  Drink.

Every time Travis answers a question with gibberish, drink.  (“Trav, what’s your favorite war movie?”  “Jerry Maguire?“)  Every time Travis bursts randomly into song, drink.

When Todd imitates any celebrity or accent, that’s one drink.  Sean Connery equals two drinks.

If the team references Big Top Pee WeeGordie, or Stanley Tucci, finish your current beverage and pour a new one.

Now that we’ve got that all out of the way…this week we’re talking ’bout baseball.  Opening Day is coming fast, and that seems like as good a time as any to cover our favorite baseball movies.  And there’s tons of ’em.  For these shenanigans, we drink some tasty beer:

The Maximus IPA is a burly, citrusy offering.  It’s ~9% ABV, but goes down so smooth you’d never guess.

We followed up our brew with some balanced, lightly acidic white from Kermit Lynch.  You can find a little more info right here.  Also, Travis asked me to post the Youtube clip of Darth Vader overdubbed with James Earl Jones’ dialogue from other movies.  Fine.  Here you go, Trav.

So, kick back and enjoy a little Cinemavino

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