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Cinemavino — Season 2, Episode 3: Fright Bright::rating::0::rating::0

Welcome to another edition of Cinemavino!  For this week’s episode, we return to the familiar format of screening a movie, pounding some wine, and offering gibberish commentary.  This weeks offering:  Peter Jackson’s jokey CGI scare-fest, The Frighteners.  It has Michael J. Fox in his last live-action role to date, some surprisingly good special effects for their time, and a modestly entertaining storyline.  

We also selected a Mourvedre from the Dirty and Rowdy winery.  Kinda sums up our podcast, methinks. As always, our confab is NSFW.  Listener discretion is advised.  Also, some spoilers may be afoot.  

Next week:  A darker, more adulty horror flick.  

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