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Cinemavino – Episode 11: Bruce Willis Needs a Breath Mint::rating::0::rating::0

For this episode, Travis, Taylor, and I discuss a few underrated movies and actors, whilst enjoying a little underrated wine:  The Beaujolais region of France features some delicious wine, made from the Gamay grape.  It doesn’t get nearly the attention it deserve, so we’re gonna shine a light on it.

This is Domaine de la Voûte des Crozes, imported by the incredible Kermit Lynch.  It’s ripe with bright fruit, yet soft and round enough to make it fun and easy-drinking.  If you’d like to know a little more, click here.

Also, is it possible for an actor to be overrated and underrated at the same time?  (See also:  Willis, Bruce.)  So, get on in here and enjoy a little Cinemavino.

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