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Cinemavino – Episode 6: Lord Piddlington::rating::0::rating::0

World, meet Eddie. He’s the Border Collie puppy my wife and I adopted. Eddie growls at stairs before he goes down them, just as a warning in case they start any shit with him. He’s afraid of trash bags and wheelbarrows……so, maybe he’s just scared of yard work, in which case I don’t blame him.

Eddie tends to piddle when he gets excited. A fresh bowl of food, or a new face to lick, they’re all likely to produce a little dribble of wee. It’s a puppy phase he’ll grow out of…hopefully.

Well, midway through this week’s podcast, little Lord Piddlington invaded the proceedings to greet Uncle Travis and piss on the kitchen floor. So, I figured an introduction was in order: Eddie, of House Piddlington. First of His Name. Family Motto: Small bladders, big hearts.

For this episode, Travis and I discuss our favorite movies of the year, which coincides with my article on the same subject. To quench our thirst, we enjoy a delicious pinot noir from Oregon’s Anne Amie winery. We also discuss Aquaman, and whole other batch of nerdery. Enjoy!

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