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Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves (1997)::rating::0::rating::0

A lot of people probably don’t realize there are three movies in Disney’s Shrunk franchise.  In a related story, a lot of people would like to forget there are movies in Disney’s Shrunk franchise.  The first was a solid dose of fun, bedecked in innovative special effects and an endearingly geeky performance from Rick Moranis.  Things got a little dicier with Honey, I Blew Up the Kid, which cost more and made less.  By the arrival of Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves, Disney had such little faith that they sent this sucker straight to video.

Turns out, they were absolutely right.  This third Shrunk is hokey, undercooked, and a chore to experience, even at a paltry 75 minutes.  Moranis is game, as always, but even his talent can do so much.  Trust me, you can skip this one.

With that said, this terrible movie results in one of the best episodes of Cinemavino.  To provide a little backstory,  I forgot to hit record for our first take, and didn’t realize my mistake until about six minutes in.  So, we tried again, and hilariously tried to hit the same jokes.  This results in a genuine case of the giggles, and a legit silly atmosphere throughout the episode.  In spite of, or probably because of, the awfulness of the movie, we deliver a pretty damn funny podcast.

We also get to enjoy some delicious wine.  For Shrunk 3, a Petite Sirah seemed appropriate.  Of course, the irony is that, despite its name, a Petite Sirah can be bold, full-bodied, earthy, and fruity.  Or, big in the best way.  To learn a little more on Gehricke’s Petite Sirah, click here.  (We struggle mightily with the name of this wine, but you have a few glasses and try to say it!)

Anyway, enjoy the latest from Cinemavino!

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