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For this week’s Cinemavino, we’re turning back to a classic 80s sequel:  Ghostbusters II.  I remember loving this movie as a nerdy kid.  It had dudes with nuclear ray guns fighting goblins and controlling the Statue of Liberty with a Nintendo controller–I mean, how could you not?

Unfortunately, like so many things for that era–I’m looking right at Coke II, Clear Pepsi, and several Aerosmith albums–this doesn’t age so well.  I guess it’s the curse of being an adult that we have to look beyond the cool mood slime and dancing toasters, and see things in a more critical light.  The truth is, this is just another mediocre sequel that pales next it its predecessor.  To be fair, Ghostbusters was the highest grossing comedy at the time of its release, and it remains an iconic pop culture artifact of its time.  That’s a tough act for any movie to follow.

But I’ll get into that more in my actual review.  In the meantime, kick back and enjoy our lively discussion.  To fuel said convo, we enjoy a delicious, velvety red blend from California:  Scylla, which brings together Carignane, Grenache, and Mourvedre grapes to form an American wine with an old-school French feel to it.  It’s very food-friendly (think hearty holiday-style meals), but it also drinks just fine on its own.  Just like the great wines from the Bandol region of France, the Scylla has bright fruit flavors, but with some Earthy notes to give it a fuller body.

If you want learn a little more about this tasty wine, click here.  As always, we use a few bad words in our pod-broadcasts.  Should you have delicate ears, just bear that in mind.

To read my review of Ghostbusters II, just head in this direction.  Otherwise, pour yourself a glass of Clear Pepsi (actually don’t, it’s pretty gross), and enjoy as Todd, Taylor, Travis, and Sean head back to the 80s.  (And also discuss which Golden Girls we are, so there’s that.)


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