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Cinemavino — A Look Back at Waterworld::rating::0::rating::0

This episode of Cinemavino kicks off a limited series, in which we take a new look at old movies. To qualify, a film must be a stink-bomb that got good reviews, or a great movie that got dumped on. Oddly enough, Waterworld falls somewhere in between those goalposts. Most critics kicked its ass, but there were a few prominent exceptions: Leonard Maltin gave it three stars. Roger Ebert was generous enough for two and a half.

Waterworld may not be Citizen Kane, but it ain’t Gigli, either. The action and cinematography are pretty strong, as is James Newton Howard’s score. So long as you can make peace with the sheer ego involved in making a $200 million movie about a man with gills, this movie falls somewhere between half-bad and half-good. I’ll let you make up your own mind as what that means.

As always, our pod is filled with zesty language. Be advised. Enjoy!

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