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Raiders of the Hidden Donald Trump Fetish Doll::rating::0::rating::0

[su_dropcap size=”5″]T[/su_dropcap]his silly short film depicts a filmmaker (Angel Connell, playing himself) attempting to pull together the funding for his next project.  Meanwhile, the director stashes a secret weapon that has magical properties:  The titular fetish doll, replete with a snarling Morton Downey grin.  Seriously, this thing looks like Chucky merged with Robert Wagner. 

Anyhooo, this particular doll provokes the forces of darkness to descend on the director and try to steal his prized possession.  We see North Korean agents, Vladimir Putin’s lackeys, and even…dun dun DUNNN:  Emissaries of Donald Trump himself!  (Cue the distant howl of wolves.)  With his billowing histrionics, The Donald makes for a ripe–you might even say easy–target, but this short film takes aim at him anyway.  

Raiders also delivers a few cute jokes about how indie filmmakers will do just about anything to round up the cash they need.  Give this short work a look, and you’ll catch some clever references to Dennis Rodman and the Deep State.  And–ironically–a pitch to fund a larger movie.  I don’t know if this idea warrants anything more than a few weird minutes, but I am definitely curious to see the angry tweets it generates.  

9 min.  NR.  

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