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Cinemavino — Episode 16: Let’s Get Dabney Coleman an Oscar::rating::0::rating::0

No,  seriously.  Dabney Coleman needs an Academy Award.  Where would our movie-going lives be without him?  Coleman was the go-to guy when an 80s movie needed an asshole authority figure.  When it came to playing an oily dude in a cheap suit, pulling drags off a cigarette and firing sexist one-liners, nobody did it better.  (“What’s idiotic about power making a woman masculine?!?”)  Lots of character actors shy away from playing a heel all the time, but there was Dabney:  Always a badass at bein’ bad.  So, let’s get the man some statues.  Hell, let’s steal a couple from John Williams.  None will be the wiser.

Anyway, now that my vent session is complete.  On with the countdown:  This week, the boys and I talk about the most famous movies we’ve never seen.  Everybody’s got at least one, I don’t care who ya are.  There’s a movie that everybody quotes, that’s won tons of awards, and you’ve never seen it.  But, you smile and nod like you have.  We talk about those movies, and we drink some delicious grower Champagne.

Also, you may hear us burst out with song snippets, and cut ourselves off at 8 seconds.  That stems from a (probably apocryphal) belief that if you can keep your reference within that time period, you’re not infringing anything.  I read that on the internet, so it must be true.  So kick back, and drink in a little Cinemavino.

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  • J-Dub
    Posted April 20, 2019 at 4:48 pm

    Jesus…I don’t think I could be more in favor of this! 1) He helps make “9 to 5” a top-flight comedy. 2) “Buffalo Bill” and “The slap Maxwell Story” were pure genius. 3) There an episode of Saturday night Live he hosts which features a skit where he plays a Boy Scout troop leader – “pee your pants” funny stuff.

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