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Cinemavino – Episode 4: Unless You’re Making Out With Brian Dennehy::rating::0::rating::0

Everyone has movies they’re ashamed to love.  I’ve seen Clueless countless times.  It’s on my bucket list to tell someone they’re “a virgin who can’t drive.”  And I would say it’s okay to love any movie, but it’s also natural to feel a little embarrassed by when that movie might be a little out of character for us.  That makes it a little difficult to discuss when you’re rolling with your homies.

With that in mind, this week Trav and I go over our guilty pleasure movies.  To pair with it, I came up with a decadent concoction called Chocolate Sangria.  To make it, start with two parts Chocovine–a cordial-type blend of red wine and milk chocolate–and dump in a shot of Pinnacle Whipped Vodka.  Top it off with one part milk and a little Hershey’s syrup.  You can warm up the milk and make it Hot Chocolate Sangria, or cool it down with some ice for a milkshake texture.  Need a garnish?  Try a few marshmallows.  It’s mega-rich, but that’s what guilty pleasures are supposed to be.

You can learn a little more right here.

After a couple rounds of chocolate goodness, we switch gears–somewhat–with a delicious 75 Minute IPA from the good folks at Dogfish Head Brewery.  It’s a tasty beverage brewed with maple syrup.  Anyway, get in there and enjoy our latest podcast!  I’m outtie.

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