Cinemavino – Episode 4: Unless You’re Making Out With Brian Dennehy

Everyone has movies they’re ashamed to love.  I’ve seen Clueless countless times.  It’s on my bucket list to tell someone they’re “a virgin who can’t drive.”  And I would say it’s okay to love any movie, but it’s also natural to feel a little embarrassed by when that movie might be a little out of character for us.  That makes it a little difficult to discuss when you’re rolling with your homies.

With that in mind, this week Trav and I go over our guilty pleasure movies.  To pair with it, I came up with a decadent concoction called Chocolate Sangria.  To make it, start with two parts Chocovine–a cordial-type blend of red wine and milk chocolate–and dump in a shot of Pinnacle Whipped Vodka.  Top it off with one part milk and a little Hershey’s syrup.  You can warm up the milk and make it Hot Chocolate Sangria, or cool it down with some ice for a milkshake texture.  Need a garnish?  Try a few marshmallows.  It’s mega-rich, but that’s what guilty pleasures are supposed to be.

You can learn a little more right here.

After a couple rounds of chocolate goodness, we switch gears–somewhat–with a delicious 75 Minute IPA from the good folks at Dogfish Head Brewery.  It’s a tasty beverage brewed with maple syrup.  Anyway, get in there and enjoy our latest podcast!  I’m outtie.

Author: Todd Wofford

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